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Laptop Upgrades

QCD repair and upgrade Laptops & Desktop PC's in Lancaster.

We specialise in Memory (RAM) Upgrades, Laptop Performance & Storage Space Upgrades

What Customers say about our Computer Upgrade Services

We're so proud to be able to convey what our customers say about us.

We upgrade many PC's & Laptops in Lancaster for Locals in our shop on St. Georges Quay.

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Recently, I wanted to upgrade my laptop's hardrive to SSD and replace Windows 10 with Ubuntu operating system. I got in touch with QCD, I was impressed by the quality of their explanations and professionalism, They are very friendly and knowledgeable.

They provided a quote with several options, I appreciated their transparency and honesty.

After accepting the quote for upgrading my laptop, the job was implemented very fast, I am really satisfied by their services.

If you need help with your computer and you want a quality service with a reasonable price, I definitely recommend you to contact QCD first.

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David Kasdas

Laptop Storage Upgrade

I honestly couldn't say enough good things about these guys. They are an absolute pleasure to do business with.I came to them for a simple refurbished laptop, but none of the stock quite fit my needs. Regardless, they were more than happy to switch out various components to get me what I needed.

Fantastic price, fantastic quality and the kind of personal friendly service you'll only ever find in a small homegrown company. I would use these guys again even if they were more expensive than the rest, but they're actually extremely competitive.

If you like honest, local companies run by people that really care enough about what they do to go above and beyond, then this is the place for you.

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Michael Rabbich

Refurbished Laptop Purchase

QCD Lts are on Google, and set up Google Business Profiles in Lancaster for businesses

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Laptop running out of space, or running slow?

QCD Ltd specialise in Laptop and Computer Upgrades to return your machine to tip-top performance!

We can upgrade almost anything as long as it's compatible with your machine.

We will diagnose your machine for free, and there's no charge if we can't offer you an upgrade path.

Guaranteed no technical jargon!

Preloved and Refurbished Laptops and Desktop PC's for sale in Lancaster UK

Laptop Speed Upgrade

We offer SSD upgrades, while retaining all of our precious files, programs and documents. SSD upgrades can increase your laptops speed by up to 10x compared to a traditional hard drive.

IT and Remote Support in Lancaster - Help with computer problems over the phone or in store QCD Lancaster Laptops and PCs

Laptop Storage Capacity

Running out of space for your photos, videos and files? We can increase the storage capacity of your laptop without losing any of your data, usually within a couple of days!

QCD Ltd Offer Trade in on Laptops For Newer Models to Upgrade to.

Laptop Memory Upgrade

If you feel like your laptop is running slowly and can't keep up with you, you may benefit from a memory upgrade! We offer a free diagnosis, and can usually upgrade on the same day.

We also sell refurbished laptops and pc's!

Looking for a Laptop Upgrade?

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